Nourishing Connections; communication,consent, healthy touch

Group Description

This Meetup is for those who have experienced Cuddle Party (check out Utah Cuddle Club on Meetup) and are ready for something more. Mary offers workshops in the Salt Lake area on communication, consent, connection, boundaries and healthy touch as well as other events.  

Snuggle Fest is a non-sexual, clothing optional group social event. We have a Welcome Circle to get to know each other in community and discuss creating our Agreements for a safe container, then there is open time for connection, conversation, cuddling and snuggling. The Welcome Circle will always be clothed. You will be invited to clothing optional space at the conclusion of the circle after we create our safe container and Agreements with each other.

You never have to do anything you don't want to do with us.  During any events where touch is an intentional focus, we always agree that you must ask and receive a verbal yes before touch is shared.  As long as you act with respect, you will be accepted with us.

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