Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

Address: 776 North Terminal Dr
Phone: (801) 575-2400
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 296135


  • Red Bull

    Well-chilled Energy Drink + Sugarfree vending machine in the Terminal 1 Ticketing area, before TSA security. Also available in terminals after security.
  • Nathalie K

    This airport has some of the prettiest mountain views. So if you're stuck in the airport, at least you have beautiful mountains to look at from almost every terminal window!
  • Benedict Corpuz

    Moving walkways are not rides, but if you choose to stand, please stand on the right so people can pass you on the left.
  • Red Bull

    Sugarfree and original Energy Drink wings served at The Grove snack stand between gates B3 & B5.
  • Chuck DeBleu

    This is the best airport to use when flying out of Salt Lake City.

    Enjoy the free WiFi
  • Charles Edge

    Check out Squatters Pub
  • Roby Fitzhenry

    While you're here, you should really try flying!
  • Dana Penkivech

    Free Wifi is available!
  • Jason Cornfeld

    Full body scanners! They see everything.....
  • Stephen? Sheppard

    Get some Polygamy Porter at Squatters Brewpub
  • Jerry Szycer

    Squatters pub in term C is pretty good so far.
  • Dens

    JetBlue counter doesn't open till 9:00p. Be forewarned if you leave mountains early in hopes of lounging in airport.
  • Amber Dubya

    Skip all the Star$&@*s and get some GOOD coffee at Millcreek Coffee Roasters at Terminal D (worth the walk, even if that isn't your terminal)
  • Shannon Elizabeth Bell

    Contrary to popular belief there is alcohol in Salt Lake City.... And even at 840am... Whoop whoop!!!
  • Marshall S

    Squatters Brew Pub in C terminal has good, healthy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And delicious brew too!
  • Roy Evans II

    Use Terminal 1's security as it is connected to all of the gates and is usually less busy.
  • Wes Novack

    Use the "professional traveler" security line to get through the quickest
  • Tanner

    Get a BBQ chicken pizza with extra onions at the CPK in terminal 2. Wait to eat it on your flight and see how many dirty looks you can get!
  • Hang Wong

    It's cheaper to get a soda from a store like "On the Fly" than the vending machines $1.75.
  • Brett DeWoody

    Need some exercise? The the hike from B22 to D13, sans walkalators. It's just over 0.5 miles one-way. A few laps and you've earned yourself a Krispy Kreme at D5.
  • Dianne Rosario

    Its called a moving WALKway for a reason. If they wanted you to stand they'd call it a STANDway.
  • NPR

    Welcome to Salt Lake City! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 88.3 (KCPW), FM 91.9 (KPCW), FM 90.1 (KUER). Enjoy your trip.
  • Carla

    I <3 SLC!! Very Relaxing In-Between Flights With Lots Of Restaurants & Gift Shops While You Wait!! It's The Hub Of Layovers!!
  • Curtis Funk

    This is a really good place to go when you need to use an airplane.
  • Elizabeth Challoner

    Dumb and dumber was filmed here
  • Ben Garvey

    How was that view on the way in? #amiright?
  • Kathy Lin

    Come early, the security line takes a while (in Terminal 2 anyway)
  • Benedict Corpuz

    No matter what airline your fly, make sure you're at the gate 45 minutes to an hour prior to departure. Doors close 10 minutes prior to departure. Airplanes don't wait for you, YOU wait for airplanes.
  • Mike Brice

    Wolfgang Puck is expensive but I think the best lunch in terminal c
  • Bryce Roberts

    it's easy to miss, but first (Southwest) terminal has a first class/A group boarding lane at the south end of the security que. Saves loads of time as it's rarely used.
  • Ryan Shattuck

    Great place to catch a flight.
  • Chelsea Sloan

    Cafe Rio, a Utah tradition, just opened in the airport. Trust me, you want to try it. Sweet pork burrito smothered. Enjoy! It's addictive!
  • Antonio Rodriguez

    Pretty airport, nice view of the mountains, you can see snow in the winter. Not a lot of bars.
  • Carrie Akinaka

    Baggage claim is notoriously slow. Just be prepared.
  • Christian Whitesides

    If you're flying on Delta domestically, avoid going through security at Terminal 2 (international + domestic flights) where you'll run into long lines. Do yourself a favor and walk over to Terminal 1.
  • Clint Bishop

    Ugh! Baggage fees. Am I right or am I right folks?!
  • Chris Engelsman

    Little known fact there is a security check at the E Concourse. Always a good alt when T2 is backed up.
  • Scott Fox

    What're you reading Foursquare for, your flight's about to leave! Run! :P
  • Timothy Jared

    I think this airport has the most beautiful views out of any airports I've been to
  • Rivadvia Neto

    Free WIFI!!!!
  • Wendy Yao

    Free wifi
  • John Hull

    Free wifi is terminal 1 is fast
  • Kevin R

    SIRI is quite surley in her part time job announcing flight times and gate assignments.
  • Brad Gerick

    At a full sprint, you can make it from D terminal Jamba Juice to Gate C13 in 90 seconds.
  • Nat Harward

    Even if it's just a layover, stop in at Cafe Rio!
  • Brittany Rowan

    Great airport renovation...clean with some good dining options! Pick up a bottle of wine at Catcora's and enjoy with a beautiful view of the mountains.
  • Justin Whittaker

    During the Sundance Film Festival look for celbrities.
  • Saul Leal

    New App "b4 you board" le'ts you buy food at any of the restaurants before getting to the airport. You can pick it up later or they can deliver it to your gate.
  • Artur Isaev

    ????? ????? ?????????. ???? "????" :)
  • Justin Whittaker

    Fly away in a plane.
  • Marie-Aude Preau

    Great airport. Not at all frustrating to get around. There are sitting areas and tables everywhere and in between gates. It makes it being in an airport relaxing, and a human experience. Very pleasant
  • Chris Kantrowitz

    The TSA Pre-check line is magic. Hard to see when the lines are crowded. A life saver if you are eligible.
  • Adam Carter

    If you get a chance, try flying in a plane. It's amazing!
  • Andy Hooper

    Cafe Rio is now in the airport just after security between Concourse C & D. Open for breakfast too!
  • Evelyn G

    Squatters cafe by gate C has healthy and vegetarian options!
  • Carl Jones

    Shoeshine - start of concource c - the best you will find anywhere.
  • 6mic 213.500.5074

    Always great crisp weather. Nice airport always well equipped with enough charging ports which is plus.
  • Hang Wong

    Correction, it's now cheaper to get soda from vending $1.75 than Red Onion $1.96 + tax
  • GayHills GayHills.Com

    FREE WIFI - find the network "slcairport.wifi" just accept te terms and conditions and you are online - Recommended by GayHills.Com
  • Leigh Gibson

    Cafe Rio is now in the Terminal 2 food court. You must try it.
  • Laraine King

    If you are flying out of a D gate you can use the International terminal if it's open and avoid the long security line.
  • Dave Axenty

    If going through security in the morning hours use the international arrival building and save yourself some time and headache
  • Todd Miller

    #24 busiest airport in the US.
  • Mitch Holladay

    If you arrive before 10am anybody on any flight can go through the security check in at the international terminal. There are never lines and the employees are very friendly.
  • Nic

    when weather is bad and flights get delayed, finding a seat near a power outlet is key! ... and hard to find
  • Skylar Martin

    never try and pet a drug sniffing dog if your holding
  • Scott Futrell

    Delta connection termina(E)l is too effing hot. Better to stay in the food court area near Finnigans.
  • Abhishek Tiwari

    Delta Sky Lounge is pretty nice but too crowded.
  • Luana Oliveira

    Aeroporto pequeno e super bem organizado, linda a vista!
  • Luke Gunderson

    Check-in on foursquare and then leave a tip about the free wifi :)
  • Wayne N Karen Logan

    Delta terminals have free USB and plug charging stations. Just bring your cables, etc.

    Try a Polygamy Porter at Wasatch Brew Pub. It's delicious. And you can have more than one
  • Sonja Griesbach

    Jared is def a rock star!!
  • Elizabeth Novotny

    Although they have free WiFi, it is very hard to get on and stay on. If you can stay on the network it is dreadfully slow.
  • Roy Evans II

    Don't let a pat down get in your way. Use the lines without the x ray machines.
  • Parissa ? Azarvand

    Safe travels everyone.
  • Benjamin E

    Free wifi has terrible connectivity
  • David Connell

    Get coffee. Its early/late.
  • Andrew Chmiel

    United is always late, fly Southwest when you can.
  • Graham Siener

    Terminal B has a playground for kids
  • Brian Kelly

    Don't get the spaghetti and meatballs at Sbarro if you like to fly with comfort.
  • Eric Rupp

    I've never before seen so many planes before all in one place before!!! Wow!! This is a must!!!
  • Marco Robert

    Going downtown SLC? Take the TRAX Light rail train for $2.50. It's just as fast as a taxi cab for 1/10th the price.
  • Rob Steffen

    Smoke here. Most airports don't let you.
  • Jack Waters

    Take my shoes off?!?!? What is this, a nice Japanese restaurant or Aunt Judy's house?
  • Simon King

    Decent selection of Utah craft beers from various breweries at Gordon Biersch Brewing Company. It's upstairs, just past security.
  • Eric Thompson

    When terminal 2 (Delta) security lines are long, it is much faster to walk to Terminal 1, much faster!
  • Cindy Sorley

    If terminal two has a l g security line go to terminal one or international terminal. Short walk. No lines.
  • Joe

    Welcome to SLC. Home of the Mormons, such as Jodi Arias.
  • Tricia Warnken

    Check out the beer and wine selection at vino vollo ale house.
  • Kevin R

    Pick up your passengers on the 2nd floor of the parking garage.
  • Chicka Elloy

    Ask a Mormon of they have had Chicka's drink. It's good
  • Jenny O'Brien

    Free wifi and great charging centers at the Delta gates!
  • Avery Jenkins

    I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane, don't know when I'll be back again!!
  • Brittany Charnley

    If you are on the first flight of the morning after a holiday, get to the airport at least 2 to 3 hours before your flight. Security is insanely busy at that time.
  • Chris Hill

    Free wifi yes but it is crazy slow.
  • Steven Pope

    certain airlines take forever to get to your terminal with so go early!
  • Holly Estrada

    Move quick if you have a short layover. They are quick to board!
  • Drew Cremeans

    Squatters Pub chili is pure win!
  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    When you pack light and dont check a bag you have more mobility and travel options. If your fight gets delayed or you miss a connection its easier to be flexible.
  • Russell M.

    Don't set yourself up for failure. 30min BOOKED connection time is not adequate. At least 1hr is standard anywhere in the country.
  • Jenny Lam

    Beautiful sunsets
  • mitch b

    delta will give you a spanking. :)
  • Bryan Francis

    Security lines are longer nowadays... Get here early!

    Swarming for Mile High here..
  • Justin Whittaker

    Cibatta sandwiches at the deli in T2 are dry. Skip it.
  • Mike N.

    Love the smoking lounges!
  • Kevin Cobb

    Smoking areas!!!!!!
  • Barbara Hood Coyle

    Wonderful people's and a Starbucks
  • 7161440

    ????? ?????? ? ??????? ????????!
  • Christina

    Nicest TSA personnel!! I'm impressed!!
  • jon accarrino

    Skip TSA Pre screening interview and do Global Entry instead. It's only $15 more and includes TSA Pre.
  • Radical-Taranukul

    Popeyes! Chicken and mash potatoes. Get it now
  • Shannon Sorensen

    Some water foundations have water bottle refill spouts.
  • Ryan Bartholomew

    If you enter security nude, you'll breeze right through.
  • Jeff Stephens

    Excellent, easy to navigate hub (DL) that is rarely, if ever, weather delayed. I've noticed several excellent new shops and eateries, especially on/near concourse D.
  • Marco Robert

    No matter what airline you fly. Go through security at Terminal 1. It's much faster and all terminals are connected on the other side
  • Gilbert Lew

    View from up top.
  • Joshua Shelhamer

    If you have a delay or layover, don't miss this great opportunity. It is a must see!
  • Joe

    Nothing is allowed here. Except multiple wives
  • avery hung

    FYI, they have filtered water filling stations, so save your money if you have a reusable water bottle. Even not, bottled water is relatively cheap (compared to other airports).
  • Kelli Stanko

    This place has free wi-fi AND places to fill and reuse water bottles with filtered water!!!
  • Manuel Martinez

    If your looking for a great place to stay, Shiloh Inn is great. Modern, clean rooms, 24 hour pool, and sauna and the staff is amazing. Really cheap Ashely and right in the middle of down town.
  • Lindsay Van Horssen

    Like this airport! Security has never been an issue for me here!
  • trevor vichas

    They have a smoking box
  • Jimmy Gonzalez

    SLT kinda sucks as a whole, but if you stuck in the airport there is a Gordon Biersch with good food and beer!
  • Marshall S

    Smashburger in D concourse has great sweet potato fries and Haagen-Dazs milkshakes
  • Alison Devereaux

    You can smoke in here!!
  • Kate Schnepel

    Thirsty? High West Distillery is now in Terminal E. Try the Rendezvous Rye.
  • Amy (@AmyPR) Linert

    Best part is the view of the mountains.
  • Mitch Russon

    Make sure you take some time to check out the smoker aquarium.
  • Shane Eitner

    Always opt out, it's your right. If enough people do it policies will change.
  • Scott Garcia

    Very nice Airport! Lots of great views of the mountains, Downtown SLC, airplanes, & of course the Great Salt Lake (while flying in). Great restaurants, and souvenirs shops. ?
  • Rafif Jouejati

    The best part of SLC is the smoking rooms throughout the terminal.
  • Charlie Hobbs

    ALL of the food service places except McDonalds close at a bewildering 10 PM. It sucks.
  • Engel Fonseca

    This Airport offers free wifi, all should do it #enjoy
  • Emily Gay

    Don't forget to hit up the PINKBERRY!
  • Ed DiRuzza

    Terminal 1 security is much faster even if you are on a Delta flight.
  • Carl Boehm

  • Aaron Smyth

    If you're injured and have a cast/boot/etc, plan for a few extra mins at security. And remember to be nice to the guards; they're just doing their job!
  • GayHills GayHills.Com

    Everything City in The World has its GayHills. Salt Lake City has it too... Recommended by GayHills.Com
  • Linda Giangreco

    Many new dining options now. I tried the Greek place. Good food and prices. Great job SLC airport for the updating.
  • Austin Martinson

    It is so easy to accidentally get here
  • Anna C???????

    really easy and gorgeous airport. smoking across from gate B9 FYI.
  • Chanse Frenette

    Clean, always on time and now they even have a Squatters brew pub! Undergoing some construction (just like everything else in Utah) but they're doing the construction work at night. So not too bad.
  • Hector Canseco ??

    Wear pants!
  • Michelle Tantrum

    Michelle t is way btr than tommy at cab booth
  • Adam Lang

    Rory can't dance
  • Beca Dalanhese

    Try our new restaurants and wine and ale house inside the terminals!
  • Tiffany Rupp

    New restaurants!
  • Nick S

    You can pick out a child bride at gate D4
  • Wes Williams

    While not doing yourself any health favors over mcdonalds, get a gyro wrap from the Greek place between c&d
  • Mike McLarty

    New restaurants - Cafe Rio, Greek Souvlaki and McDonalds.
  • Brandy Mathews

    Free WiFi. Woohoo!
  • Britt McEachern Schruefer

    Its the same as the rest.
  • John Gelbius

    Oversized baggage
  • Ashley Ament

    Security is ridiculous. Worst airport experience I've ever had.
  • Andrew Vivas

    Don't buy the Quiznos breakfast sandwiches or Quiznos coffee- they suck! Go downstairs and get Starbucks/burger king :)
  • John Parkin

    SLC has the rudest, slowest, least respectful, and least efficient TSA agents of any airport. Allow extra time, and prepare to be treated badly.
  • Crick Waters

    Rearranged Delta security lines as of today with priority on the left and cattle on the right.
  • Sam White

    Lots of Mormons and my flight was late, hasa diga ebowi
  • Melissa Dagdagan

    You can get some gorgeous shots of the Rockies from this airport!
  • Chase Culp

    Go to the red iguana! Best mole anywhere.
  • Carefree Trip Travel

    Checkout for great travel deals!
  • Erika

    Just an fyi..salt lake city is in utah..not LA
  • Greg Wright

    The Terrace Bar is the place you're looking for. Divey, local beers and a nice view
  • Nathan Levinson

    Make sure you depart from here.
  • Diana H.

    Full moon @ sunset flying in to Salt Lake. Colors are awesome!
  • Rich Sellars

    Oooh yah. Smoking cubes, don't have go back through TSA to smoke!
  • Brian H.

    This airport is getting a duty free store! Utah continues to get better folks.
  • Celeste North

    There's a smoking room im the midle of gates D
  • Chase Watterson

    Get comfortable. If you fly out Monday morning there will be a large line for the security check
  • Ryan Adams

    Pleasantly shocked their were smoking areas.
  • Brian Dearden

    At Wolfgang Puck in Terminal C, try the Three Cheese, Tomato & Basil Sunrise Ciabatta Sandwich for breakfast!
  • Matt Foertsch

    Hit Squatters for great local UT brews and good grub!
  • Steve O'Toole

    Screw delta
  • Terry

    Smoking at the end of terminal e! Woot!
  • Murali Narayanan

    Checkout the terrific photographs when u e walking between terminals B and D!!!
  • Ben Caldwell

    Blue burrito & Great american bagel factory are not great, but not bad. Chicken asada & sunrise respectively.
  • PsychGirl

    Kids play area between D and E
  • Brianne Huntsman

    Free drink refills at quiznos
  • Donnie Wilson

    Very busy because of delayed flights, err .
  • Donnie Wilson

    I can see the mountains with snow, how prreetty!
  • Laurel Halbany

    Starbucks in Concourse B has tables and outlets.
  • Paul Tuennerman

    Grab a Bite to Eat during Lockdown. Security Breach is a great opportunity to catch-up on Email.
  • Sean Dougherty

    You'll miss Northwest airlines while you're here.
  • Jeff Moore

    Use Canyon Transportation for a quick ride up to the powder.
  • Kip Conner

    Burrito place next to B18 has great breakfast burrito. Made while you wait- save for travel.
  • Ingrid Bettridge

    Pay for parking before you enter the garage.
  • Eric Arnold

    this place needs more outlets
  • Jory Beckman

    Where am I?
  • Rafael Figueira

    Mailbox next to Brookstone, between terms ABC and terms DE
  • Juice Webster

    Try Wolfgang Puck's Gourmet Express!
  • Ryan George

    Just land? Check out for directions, things to do, specials and more!
  • Tinu Abayomi-Paul

    For outlets, head to the seats against the window that are on the aisle, especially ones near the gate check in.
  • Piper Jones

    Kids play area around gate B12
  • Todd Cooper

    The TSA in this airport are extra ridiculous. Even with the proper paperwork expect a nightmare. I think they hire McDonalds cast offs.
  • Benjamin Roodman

    Go to Squaters Pubs and sample the beers.
  • Blake Henderson

    The airport really is pretty boring and plain, but it's very easy to get through with a tight connection! Gate to gate 10 min max if you walk at a reasonable pace.
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