City Creek Center

Address: 50 S Main St
Phone: (801) 238-5320
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 16310


  • City Creek Center

    Check out the fountains that were created by the same designers as the Las Vegas Bellagio fountains
  • City Creek Center

    Hang out by the outdoor Fireplace
  • City Creek Center

    Check out the mountain view from the Main Street Skybridge
  • City Creek Center

    See if you can spot trout in the pond by the Customer Service desk
  • City Creek Center

    Take a stroll by the 1200-foot-long re-creation of the historic City Creek
  • City Creek Center

    Discover the many sculptures throughout City Creek Center.
  • City Creek Center

    Enjoy the Play Area in the food court
  • City Creek Center

    Watch the retractable glass roof open or close
  • City Creek Center

    Wander over to the Olympic Tribute and reminisce about the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City
  • City Creek Center

    Discover one of twenty historic markers throughout the center
  • City Creek Center

    City Creek Center will be hosting a Foursquare promotion opening day, March 22, beginning at 10 a.m. Check-in at City Creek Center on March 22 to participate. Gift supplies are limited, so come early!
  • Telestial State

    I'm confused. How come all the security guards at the City Creek mall are named "Elder"?
  • City Creek Center

    Count the local wildlife in the Stream of Life sculpture by the Valet station
  • Leigh Gibson

    Look for the fish in the creek!
  • Taubman Centers

    Complete the "Discover City Creek" list - coming March 22!
  • Christian Whitesides

    If you're looking for free wifi, use Sephora''s way faster than City Creek's.
  • Kim McDaniel

    Don't wait in line for one of the few restaurants. Jump on TRAX to the Gateway instead. Lots to choose from there!
  • Candace Baird

    If you are of the same sex dont kiss and if you have lots of tats they will kick you out. Wow really
  • Skippyn8

    Stop by the customer service desk if you are from more than 50 miles away and get free admission to local attractions like Hogle Zoo
  • Ry Anders

    One of the best places to sit outside and eat.
  • Taylor ?? Thomas

    This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL mall! I would recommend coming here for any shopping needs. :-)
  • Lindsay Van Horssen

    This place is absolutely AWESOME! Indoor/outdoor mall with a great selection of stores and awesome landscaping/water features! Can't wait to go back with more time to shop! Better than Gateway!
  • Ahmed Alharby

    ???? ???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??????? ?? ????? ?????.
  • Michael Jensen

    Get the lemon covered almonds and grapefruit/watermelon gummy candies, Lion House rolls at Deseret Book!
  • Michael B.

    This is a nice place 2 go 2 and go shopping in Salt Lake City.
  • Jim Freeland

    Get over your hang ups about conservative Mormon lifestyle and just enjoy. Stop hatin'
  • Joel Oleson

    Try Blue Lemon, great food that supports local farmers.
  • Social Nature Reagan

    They have Valet stand $5 for 3 hours. You just pull in around the Cheesecake Factory. I'm sold.
  • Chase Read

    Stores don't validate for parking yet, so be careful.
  • Matthew Bourne

    Visit the Diptyque counter inside Nordstrom. ??
  • Haley Buntrock

    This is the greatest mall I have ever been to. If you're walking around in the fall/winter's cold, but if it's nice out, eat a meal outside and enjoy the people watching.
  • Ahmed Alharby

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  • Michele Thelen

    Play land by Food Court is great!
  • Micaela Choo

    Street parking is by phone and takes too long
  • Micaela Choo

    Only select stores and restaurants are open Sunday #slc #dayofrest
  • Stephen Bowzer

    Dogs are welcome!
  • Dee McLaughlin

    This place will be open on New Year's Day
  • ?#IamRomdelacrme?

    One of the most beautiful mall I've ever seen. Great waterfall, fountains, stores, restaurants, outdoor fireplace and a running creek with live Trout. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
  • BYU Salt Lake Center

    Did you know that if you take a class at the BYU Salt Lake Center you can park for free in our six story covered parking garage? Makes going to City Creek a little easier
  • Jordan Maddocks

    This is Utah's newest outdoor Mall. For the first time there is actually a place to go to do something outdoors. Their waterfall feature was designed by the same people that did the Balagio.
  • Curtis Funk

    A more expensive mall than the Gateway, but still just a mall.
  • Danny w?s here

    mormonville , go to the gateway instead.
  • Kathleen Morouse

    Great place to people watch and let kids play in the Engage fountain! Be sure to bring an extra set of clothes or a towel.
  • Ben Figueiredo

    Meh. It was ok. Some cool architecture and scenery but most of the shops I would never shop at. A bunch of high end, over priced stores. Don't waste your time
  • Matthew Bourne

    Welcome to The Lord's Mall
  • Tazz Smith

    it is a beautiful place
  • JoJo Pewsawang

    Warning! The center is closed on Sundays!!!
  • Joshua Powers

    Pretty amazing hopefully they keep up the five star calibre flavorful foods for years to come.
  • Everyday

    Newest mall in SLC. Great visiting area with minimum Mormon advertisement, tho it is funded and ran by them.
  • Tasha Beckman

    If you are visiting from out of town, visit the Customer Service desk (by Macy's) for a discount book!
  • Mary Weaver

    Only problem with city creek is the distinct lack of restaurants that serve alcohol.
  • Peter Hemingway

    If you were like me and thought this was a downtown renovation, don't wast your time. This is just an overpriced stucko mall.
  • Jeff

    This place has the nicest parking lot and public restrooms ever.
  • Donald

    This place discusts me
  • Tom Kelly

    Outdoor mall. Cold in winter.
  • Jake Law

    H&M <3 the best store ever
  • Jorden Benson

    The Blue Lemon is DELICIOUS!!! Totally loving the whole place. But BL is def my favorite :)
  • Marty Archibald

    Couples only
  • Rachel Orpina

    Checkout the Mediterranean gyros in the food court!
  • April Larsen

    "Oh! Welcome to the 'great and spacious building...' built by the church! That's ironic!" -Levi Larsen
  • Patrick Madison

    u gotta luv dis place. best new place for shopping.
  • Kirstie Jorgensen

    Thank you City Creek! I love my swag bag!!!! My boss loves hers as well! We are Ning our day exploring as employee engagement.
  • Cheryl Andrus

    Try something on at #tiffany. Taken a photo & dream.
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