EnergySolutions Arena

Address: 301 W South Temple
Phone: (801) 325-2500
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Category: Basketball Stadium
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  • ESPN

    Head outside the arena to find the Stock & Mailman statues. Notice anything familiar with how theyre positioned? Thats right. The pick-and-roll is immortalized in bronze.
  • Sports Authority

    This arena is known for being one of the hardest places to play for visiting teams in the NBA.
  • Panasonic

    This is the site of Sarah Hughes' Gold medal winning performance in the 2002 Olympics. Michelle Kwan took the Bronze. Also of note, this is where the French judge figure skating scandal took place.
  • Andy Thompson

    Make some noise!
  • ESPN

    Butler will have fond memories of playing here as this was the site of their Sweet 16 and Elite 8 victories before eventually falling to Duke in the 2010 National Championship
  • Bryan Armstrong

    Park at the Gateway Mall Winter Parking. Walk across the street.
  • Cookie Impressions

    Lets Go Jazz, Have a great season!
  • James Winskowski

    Cheer for the Jazz and ONLY the Jazz!
  • SLC Bike Taxi

    Pedicabs are usually sitting on the southeast corner.. 100s/300w
  • Lionel Lewis

    You best be here for a Utah Jazz game!
  • Theodore Kim

    In my opinion: One of the loudest, and yet best behaved, crowds in all of the NBA. Great home-field advantage.
  • William

    Great place for Jazz games and other sporting events. As a concert venue, it is sometimes lacking in sound quality.
  • Miss Red

    Make it on the dance cam!
  • Dick's Sporting Goods

    Michael Jordan hits a jump shot in the last seconds of game six of the 1998 NBA Finals to bring the Chicago Bulls to a victory over the Utah Jazz.
  • James Poki Baity

    Meh! Get Bent!
  • Joe Anderson

    Make sure to tell the laker fan that the lakers are not playing tonight
  • Aaron Garrity

  • cindy korous

    Good people
  • Rklm Widner

    Half off food at eureka grill before 6pm
  • Matt Affolter

    Some of the worst concert acoustics ever. I don't care how much you like the band, you will be disappointed... don't bother!
  • Kim C

    Don't even think about paying for parking! Go to Crown Burger, which is a block away, and buy $14 of food (2 meals) and they'll give you a free parking pass! Use money on food, not fees!
  • Brian Clark

    If you're here for a big event (concert, Jazz game, etc) plan on $5-$20 for parking within 6 blocks. Also eat before you come, or you'll spend $10 on an 8" pizza and medium size drink.
  • Chuck Nash

    Half time show was crazy Russians.
  • Rob Ferre

    Near Portal C you can check out the Utah Sports Hall of Fame display. See if you can find the guy who was on Little House on the Prairie. .
  • Brook Shipley

    Go Jazz! And get a photo of Karl & John (statues)
  • Aaron Smyth

    Get some Russell's ice cream, but be aware that 1 is plenty for 2 people to share.
  • Allen Schowengerdt

    I love the Jazz!
  • Nick Newman

    Take TRAX for easy access to the arena
  • LaLa Christensen

    Disney on ice!
  • Rebecca Klock

    Disney on Ice. Oh yeah
  • John Mann

    Eat at Texas de Brazil next to the arena. Karl Malone/John Stockton statues are near the main entrance. If you need help deciding which Seats to purchase for your next Jazz game, check out
  • Texas Tornado

    Great concerts
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • America's Country

    Listen: Most enjoyable when taking in a great country music concert!
  • Joshua Hoggan

    Almost always a fantastic show by the Jazz.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: See you soon!
  • Laura Salas

    Love watching basketball! The new screens are amazing!
  • CedarMichael Brady

    We lost :(
  • Chubby Amigo

    Super excited Jazz games are fun!
  • Jenn Holt

    White trash football fun!
  • Matt J

    Bear chests may get you arrested, or on the big screen. Maybe both.
  • Keegan S.

    Concert lights can sometimes be blinding, think about bringing sunglasses ;)
  • Kevin VanValkenburgh

    Don't bring the Jazz a loss ever
  • Micaela Choo

    Great free checkin for strollers at customer service

    Go Celtics!
  • brandon dalton

    Bring 50 dollars and your own fork
  • James Valentine

    Papa John's personal pan pizzas for 6 bucks was pretty good.

    Wear a comfy Jazz t-shirt.
  • Eri Diaz

    Great crowd. Always boo Kobe!
  • Melissa Allen

    check out the cougars and gators out on the tvs!
  • Patrick Higgins

    Get the All-Star Dog at the hot dog cart with the yellow banners. It's awesome!
  • Chris Trew

    Try not to grit your teeth too much if you are from Nola.
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